Jim Aloye

Jim Aloye is The American Entrepreneur, Founder, Executive, IT Strategist, Inventor, Author, Publisher, Software Developer, Apparel Designer, and Gallery Curator who is known for thinking and operating far outside the box.

He is a Husband to a Truly Amazing Wife and Father to a Wonderful Son.

He is known as a black bag operator. Someone you can drop into a hostile environment devoid of hope when you need a miracle solution, and he reaches into his bag and pulls out a one-of-a-kind solution.

Mr. Aloye has written and published two books through Aloye Media Enterprises LLC:

  • Taken By The Wolf – Volume 1 of the Sin, Redemption & Salvation Series
  • Dinner with Lions and Lambs – Volume 2 of the Sin, Redemption & Salvation Series
Jim Aloye

He has also developed a complete Dynamics 365 Business Management Application for Service Based Companies and has recently expanded it for use by Direct Mailing Companies.

The software is called ACE Business Management App and it is available on Microsoft App Source as well as directly through his Technology Company, Aloye Computer Enterprises LLC

It was important to get the Application listed on Microsoft AppSource because it had to pass Microsoft Application Specification Certification for Dynamics 365, so the Quality of the Application Components have been vetted.

Mr. Aloye has appeared in the media on numerous occasions and has been featured on FOX, CBS, and NBC.

Mr. Aloye has Founded and Operates the following Corporate Institutions:

  • Ana Ishikawa Shi Emporium – Company that Manages the Gallery and Emporium of Extremely Rare Ana Ishikawa Shi Autographed Items.
  • Dynamics 365 Survey – Organization founded with the goal of collecting and establishing industry norms related to attitudes towards d365, usage, spend, and many other factors. Our goal is to take the temperature of the companies buying and using D365 and to make that data available to both Microsoft and other partners, so the product remains competitive and more fully adapts to the needs of the decision makers and stakeholders responsible for bringing product in and optimizing it within their organizations.

Mr Aloye has recently been featured on The First Customer Podcast where he talks about several of his ventures as well as how he is currently expanding his technology business via co-founders and partnership ventures. 

If you have direct access to an established customer base and are interested in owning part of a growing business, it may be worth your while to take a look at the co-founder opportunity available here